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New Policies & Procedures During Covid Pandemic


Please note that most of these policies and procedures are mandated by the state and are temporary depending on the length of time that the governor imposes the new guidelines. We realize that these are difficult times and we hope you understand that we will do everything possible to provide a healthy and safe environment for your children and our staff during this time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this trying time.  

Drop off and Pick up:

Parents are not allowed in the building unless absolutely necessary. Each classroom has an entry door so parents will be using these doors for drop off and pick up. There is a doorbell at each entrance that you will use when you arrive. Please remember to stay socially distanced while waiting. All entrances will be marked with the classroom name.

 The Preschool door is located in the front of the building. It is the door on the left under the middle covered awning. 

The Infant Room door is the door on the right on the side of the building and will be painted red.

The Twos Room door is the door on the left on the side of the building and will be painted blue.

The Toddler Room door is located in the back of the building and will be painted yellow. 

*There are new parking spots painted on the road in front of the building so please be mindful of these. Also, please do not block the ‘driveway’ in the back of the building. Thank you!

Wellness Checks:

All staff and children will have temperature checks and a health screenings before entering the building. Children and staff will use hand sanitizer immediately when entering and exiting the building, and will wash hands throughout the remainder of the day. Any staff or child with a temperature of 100.4 will not be permitted to enter. If a child develops a temperature during the day they will immediately be removed from the classroom and must be picked up within one hour. Please visit our page New Covid Guidleines for additional information on how we will handle sick children and staff.


We are now using the Brightwheel App so we may be completely electronic and contactless. We will use this app for all means of communication, signing children in and out, and paying tuition. Please visit our Brightwheel page for additional information.

Healthy at school:

All staff will be wearing masks for the entire day if unvaccinated. They will be allowed to remove them only during nap time when all children are asleep and when on the playground. 

Anyone entering the building must wear a mask.

All soft toys have been removed from the classrooms as they are not easily sanitized. This includes baby dolls, soft blocks, soft furnishing, etc. 

Each classroom has a cleaning list that they will adhere to every day throughout the day. Staff will be staying after hours to thoroughly clean and disinfect every day. Please be sure to pick children up on time so they may have adequate time to complete these tasks. 


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